Work in progress. ** COMPLETED **

So the good news is, the server migration is complete. As those of you who follow the site on FaceBook know, I had some server related issues lately that required me to make a move to a new server. The good news is, things have been improved and upgraded behind the scenes, including additional security features.

The bad news is things didn’t move flawlessly and so there will be some broken links and missing files for a while until I can go through the site and verify everything got moved properly. As of March 25th I expect this to take approximately 7-10 days, so please bear with me while I work through this and reupload and correct the missing files and broken links.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Import Progress (Last updated March 31 03:20UTC)
Airports . . . COMPLETED
Carenado A42 500 . . . COMPLETED
Carenado A72 500 . . . COMPLETED
Carenado C208B . . . COMPLETED
Carenado S330 . . . COMPLETED
FS2004 Repaints . . . COMPLETED
iFly 737NG . . . COMPLETED
Majestic MJC8 Q400 . . . COMPLETED
Paint Kits . . . COMPLETED
QualityWings 757 . . . COMPLETED
Virtualcol Beechcraft 99 . . . COMPLETED

At this time, all posts should be corrected and the migration complete. While I verified all previews/images, I only spot checked the downloads so if there’s a file missing or broken link please let me know, though the web directory and my backup match I might have missed something along the way.