FSX Compatibility

It was recently asked if my repaints will work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The answer is, maybe. Texture wise, FSX will accept both extended BMP format (used in FS2004) and also DDS format (the format I currently use). Model wise, the FSX compatible versions of the models I repaint may or may not use different texture mapping which can lead to distortions, misplaced, or missing textures. While it’s possible that my textures will import into FSX with no issue, I cannot guarantee that they will work. I do know that FSX uses a different airplane sorting menu than either FS2004 or Prepar3D and relies on included thumbnail images to provide a preview of the repaint, which I do not include with my textures.

Can you use my textures in FSX? Probably, but I don’t have the desire to do dual testing or setup for my repaints. If you choose to use them in FSX, please know that you do so on your own and I will not be providing support for FSX.