Andes Air – MJC8 Q400

Repaints for use with the Majestic Software: MJC8 Q400. File contains textures only. To purchase the full aircraft visit:

Andes Air Q400 OB-2076-P circa 2014

So photos of this plane are apparently very rare and only show the left side of the plane. Even the one trip report from them I could find only showed photos of the left side. As such, the right side is a bit of a guess. I just mirrored the right side. Since the titles passed through the exit outline on the left I assumed they did the same on the right and that the titles remained forward of the prop arc for better visibility as on the left. I also don’t know for certain if the logo was repeated on the inside of the engine nacelles or not. If anyone has photos of the right side or the inside of the engines please let me know.